Keep it Clear Oracle

28 Clear Cards x Guidebook
includes: Visual Cues, Message, Journal, Experiments, Convo Prompts

made from 100% recycled materials. each deck is screen printed and produced small-batch with local, small business partners.

Keep it Clear is not your basic oracle deck. it's a little less woo, and a little more you. consider it a container for authentic expression and a creative tool for change.

the designs are gender neutral and direct, drawing from text-based art, street art, and ideograms. with card themes informed by contemporary social and cultural issues and a focus on equity and diversity. this is a hybrid of both oracle and prompt deck that can be used in private and social settings. Keep it Clear encourages you to be your own meaning maker.

in times of global flux, we all crave clarity and transparency. sounds heavy? it can be, but that’s ok. it also feels like play, heart opening and surprising. and when really good, it will be a bit of both…
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